19 February 2012 20:00to20 February 2012 03:00

In the magical night of the Carnival of 2012, candlelight in the most charming Palace of Venice, facing the Grand Canal, among precious scenographies and the 18th frescos, you’ll be the welcome guests at the  Mask Ball Mascheranda, Serenissima Venezia .
Within the fancy dress, wrapt in the mystery of one’s own mask, you’ll dance with either venetian and foreign Masks, in the great game of transgression and seduction.
At the arrival in the main Saloon richly decorated, artists and musicians will welcome the guests entertaining them with games and performances. In the entry Saloon a mysterious aperitif will be served .
The masks will then be invited to go upstairs , where in the Guarana , Longhi , Tiepolo all all the other Grand Saloons of the Noble-Floor a Grand Gala Dinner will be served , with a live classical music performance .
During and all along the evening , music , fantasy, great entertainments , colour and warmth, will be the frames for the magic of the Party going on with the Casanova of the Year Election , the School of Historical Dances and the great Mask Balls in the Main Saloon with surprises and games based on the theme of the Party.

Partecipation costs: Euro 390,00 per persona ( posto a tavola/table seat nelle Sale Tiepolo , Longhi , Della Storia , Delle Stampe del Piano Nobile ) Euro 500,00 per persona ( posto a tavola/table seat nel Salone Centrale Guarana) Euro 650,00 per persona VIP Superior ( posto a tavola/table seat nel Salone Centrale Guarana , just tables close to the Main Stage , limited number of seats available )

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