A Leonardo da Vinci uncovered in Venice

Testa di vecchiaThe "Old Head" acquired in the ’70s by Venician industrialist Giancarlo Ligabue was drawn by (designed by) Leonardo da Vinci.

The confirmation comes after finding, thanks to infrared digital equipment, a drawing below the visible one.

The work will be presented Thursday June 15 to 18, in the hall (room) of Scrutinio in the Ducal Palace in Venice, on the occasion of an organized meeting of the Ligabue Study and Research Center.

Those taking part in the meeting are Giancarlo Ligabue, Mayor Massimo Cacciari, Gianomenico Romaelli director of the Civic Museums and students Luisa Cogliati Arano, Pietro C. Marani and Paolo Spezzani.

In advance and as sole agent for Portale di Venezia, Federica Repetto interviewed the protagonists.

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